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Words of Wisdom by The Modern Monk

Vivekananda is one of the most important figures in the modern imagination of India. He was also an utterly modern man who consistently challenged his own views, and embraced diverse, even conflicting arguments. It is his modernity that appeals to us today and makes him the coolest monk we know. More than 100 years after […]

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Foreword to the 25th anniversary edition of Amit Chaudhuri’s ‘A Strange and Sublime Address’

‘Sandeep, meanwhile, had come to the conclusion that the grown-ups were mad, each after his or her own fashion. Simple situations were turned into complex dramatic ones; not until then did everybody feel important and happy.’ In Amit Chaudhuri’s A  Strange and Sublime Address, Sandeep is a small boy, an only child who lives in […]

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Growing Out Of The Cocoon

Greetings. I’d never have imagined that my book—and especially one written in my mother tongue—would be launched in the capital city of India. I have mixed feelings on this occasion. I cannot but be unhappy about the circumstances that occasioned this. However, I cannot turn my back in sadness. During the nightmarish time when my […]

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The Challenge of Contemporary History – Day of 1 Spring Fever 2016 with Ramachandra Guha

It’s that time of the year when book lovers from all over the country have thronged to the India Habitat Centre in Delhi for the annual Penguin Random House Spring Fever. The fans appear giddy with excitement as they browse through the books from among 5,000 titles published by Penguin and Random House. As in […]

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How publishing spurred on India’s freedom struggle

In the age of repression and terror, gems were few and far between. The lack here was not of nationalist agenda, but of leaders. In an era before films, books and publishing were the only real ways of promulgating any kind of news or propaganda. Here we list some of the most influential efforts in […]

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On the threshold of Kali Yuga, only a saviour can rescue the world. An excerpt from Usha Narayanan’s ‘Pradyumna: Son of Krishna”

That night, Prince Vama had a vision so vivid that he felt he was in heaven, watching a divine drama unfold. Lord Brahma was seated on his swan in Brahmalok, the highest of the seven worlds. Vama watched as the Creator gave life to the brilliant sun, the moon, the earth and the ten prajapatis― […]

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Celebrating the rainbow brigade – 8 influential works on the LGBT community.

It has for long been assumed all over the world that men and women are assigned specific sexual roles that they must adhere to strictly, deviance from which can only harm the deviants. In economic terms, it can be explained as leaving a cartel. Pansie, fag, faggot and even ‘Bulgarians’ are terms that have been […]

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