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The Untold Vajpayee: An Excerpt

Something Is Afoot 15 May 1996. A man in his seventies alighted from an Ambassador car, paused to steel himself against a spasm of vertigo, wiped his broad forehead in the sweltering heat of summertime Delhi with a handkerchief, and began walking towards the office of the President of India. Raisina Hill, which houses the […]

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The Challenge of Contemporary History – Day of 1 Spring Fever 2016 with Ramachandra Guha

It’s that time of the year when book lovers from all over the country have thronged to the India Habitat Centre in Delhi for the annual Penguin Random House Spring Fever. The fans appear giddy with excitement as they browse through the books from among 5,000 titles published by Penguin and Random House. As in […]

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How publishing spurred on India’s freedom struggle

In the age of repression and terror, gems were few and far between. The lack here was not of nationalist agenda, but of leaders. In an era before films, books and publishing were the only real ways of promulgating any kind of news or propaganda. Here we list some of the most influential efforts in […]

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The Author Talks: An interview with Coomi Kapoor

Coomi Kapoor has been writing as a journalist, writer and political commentator for more than four decades. Educated at the Royal Institute of Science and Boston University, she started her career at Motherland, a right wing newspaper in India. She has since served as Chief Editor and Special Correspondent for the Indian Express, the principal […]

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Will The New Government Get India Back On Track?

The 2014 national elections will be a critical waypoint along the road to realizing India’s ambitions of resuscitating economic growth. Opinion survey after opinion survey in the prelude to the polls has suggested a deeply rooted yearning for change. And, in what seems like a conspicuous anomaly when judged against the sweep of India’s post […]

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