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‘She Walks, She Leads’ – An Excerpt

Mrs. Murty is many things… She is a great seeker, incurable dreamer, tireless doer, passionate teacher, eternal student, storyteller, story lover, selfless giver, childlike life enthusiast, engineer, homemaker… and so very human. But above all, she is an inventor… a leader… because she is inventing the future of those at the fringes of survival in […]

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Inspiring quotes by great authors!

Sometimes in life, we feel unsure about ourselves. As the artists of our lives, we’re not too confident about our masterpieces. This is the time when most of us are unsure of the future, or for that matter the present. We start losing grip of things, and feel a lack of direction. So, what is the […]

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On the threshold of Kali Yuga, only a saviour can rescue the world. An excerpt from Usha Narayanan’s ‘Pradyumna: Son of Krishna”

That night, Prince Vama had a vision so vivid that he felt he was in heaven, watching a divine drama unfold. Lord Brahma was seated on his swan in Brahmalok, the highest of the seven worlds. Vama watched as the Creator gave life to the brilliant sun, the moon, the earth and the ten prajapatis― […]

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Celebrating the rainbow brigade – 8 influential works on the LGBT community.

It has for long been assumed all over the world that men and women are assigned specific sexual roles that they must adhere to strictly, deviance from which can only harm the deviants. In economic terms, it can be explained as leaving a cartel. Pansie, fag, faggot and even ‘Bulgarians’ are terms that have been […]

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A Woman’s Guide to Good Literature

“The emerging woman … will be strong-minded, strong-hearted, strong-souled, and strong-bodied…strength and beauty must go together.” ― Louisa May Alcott, An Old-Fashioned Girl Fiercely independent women making a place for themselves in a man’s world. Uninhibited female protagonists realizing their dream in the face of crisis. There is just so much more to women’s literature […]

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